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Tattoo News July 17

July 17th, 2008 by

Pinellas deputy suspended because of his tattoos
Two articles discussing this topic… the first doesn’t show you the tattoos or say the location, but simply says that he is suspended and can’t work with the public… After seeing the second article you get a chance to see the tattoos on his neck and they also say that he recently got a DUI… a DUI for a cop… he was probably wasted, so may be they are just trying to help him get things straight before they put him back on the street… tough to come down harsh on the Cops after finding out more of the facts.

In Hawaii, Tattoos a Mark of Pride
I wonder what LA Times writer Jay Jones is insinuating with that title… hmm… An interesting quote from the article “The number (of tattoos) has increased 16% in just one year, state records show. Tourists, it seems, are returning home not only with the obligatory shell necklaces and pineapples but also with tattoos.” I know a lot of people get annoyed by “ripping off” cultures that they aren’t a member of, but it’s an interesting article about one artist’s perspective.

From Back Alley to Main Street
With tattoos popularity explosion, shops are catering to high end clientel with over priced t-shirts and expensive interior layouts. At Inka-Dinka-Do, Mark Corlis says “he has as many female clients as males. Like the doctor or dentist, customers need an appointment to get the Corliss treatment, a rendezvous like Jeff Hatch of Nantucket had last week when he spent about four hours in the chair on his fourth visit at “$100 an hour,”

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