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Obama’s First Real Challenge

January 18th, 2009 by

With Barack Obama’s inauguration about to happen, what better way to mark such an historical event than a tattoo?  No, I’m not talking about the idolatry of people like Samantha R. Cook and her recent Obama shoulder piece, I’m talking about the man himself getting a nice big commemorative tattoo.



Yes that’s right, Obama needs some body art.  It would have to be something powerful that also symbolizes change – like a Transformer.  A huge back piece of Obama as Optimus Prime, choking the life out of Osama Bin Laden is just the thing that he needs to show the world he’s a new kind of politician.


What’s more is that if Obama did go through with it and get a tattoo, he potentially wouldn’t be the only politician stepping into the world of the inked.  In a recent letter to Swedish Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeldt, Swedish artist Sebastian Norde suggested a tattoo to help increase Reinfeldt’s voter support.  Norde’s idea of a tattoo fit for a Swedish Prime Minister?

“The suggested tattoo for Reinfeldt features a Viking-style ship, a shield of fire and a horseshoe. The body art proposal also includes the word Filippa, which refers to the minister’s wife.”

Hey now, that is BAD-ASS.  If Reinfeldt gets this done, Obama will have no choice but to step it up a notch and get something bigger and badder.  He can’t have the Swedes showing him up with their fancy schmancy tattoos, smorgasbords and their stylish yet surprisingly affordable Ikea products.  Hells no.   Winning the election was the easy part, now it’s time to bring the ruckus and really change things up.  Topsy turvy on all those dinosaur politicians out there who would never even consider getting a tattoo. 

Come on Obama, yes you can. 

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