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Edmonton Zipp’s Tattoo & Museum Closed by Health Board

June 18th, 2009 by

The tattoo parlor, at 10028 82 Ave., was closed June 5 for infringing on several health regulations, including reusing instruments that had not been properly sanitized, not cleaning surfaces thoroughly and tattooing animals in the studio.

Dr. Gerry Predy, senior medical officer of health for the province, said he didn’t know the level of risk to the shop’s clients. People are urged to call Health Link Alberta at 780-408-5465, and get tested.

As a customer of a shop it’s important to check out whether or not a shop has the appropriate spore tests done, however with the explosion in tattoo popularity many people don’t know the dangers of improper tattooing.  It shouldn’t get to the point where people have to worry about diseases they are getting from their new tattoo, an artist needs to create a professional environment where there customers can feel safe and it’s also important for the customer’s to be aware of what defines a safe tattooing environment.  Strories like this hurt the industry as a whole…. [News]

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