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June 19th, 2009 by

OK. We are all use to horror stories about scratchers, and usually you get to read all about why you should avoid them here on Tattoo Blog. I’m afraid this time is going to be a bit of a shock as the offending party is not a scratcher, but a licensed tattoo artist who should know better.
Zippy Girl
The health department in Edmonton, CA closed Zipp’s Tattoo and Museum Shop at Whyte Avenue and 100th Street because of unsanitary practices and sterilization concerns over reusable piercing and tattooing equipment. They are also encouraging anyone who has had work done there since January 2009 to get tested for blood born pathogen diseases. Not a bad idea, Gang, but I would consider doing just that if I had any work done there.

It seems this is not the first time ‘Ol Zipp has been on the wrong side of the health department. Zipp had another shop closed in 2007 for the same concerns. One that he had been operating at another Whyte Ave. location since 1978! Cheese and Rice! Don’t they check these guys out before allowing them to open another shop?!

Look, Guys and Gals, I know that many think just because a tattoo artist is licensed you should have every reason to feel safe. It isn’t unreasonable, but if this doesn’t serve as a wake up call, nothing will. Just because the artist was able to slick by and get their certifications does not mean they are practicing the art correctly.

You should insist on watching the artist set up. Dirty floors are a red flag, as is the artist refusing to allow you to watch him open pre-sterilized equipment. Don’t be afraid to ask the artist questions about his sterile procedures, or to see the certificate from his last autoclave spore test. You should also be allowed to watch the artist scrub up before the tattoo.

Trust me, no legitimate tattoo artist is going to be offended, and if they are you should run for the nearest exit! After all it is your life we are talking about here. I was never offended. In fact, I took pride in showing my clients that I took every precaution possible to safeguard their health.

The moral of the story: “Just because the artist has a license, it does not mean they are safe.”

When in doubt, check ‘Em out. When not in doubt, check ‘Em out anyway.

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