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A Very Odd Man.

August 3rd, 2009 by

Ahhh hobbies.  Everyone loves a good hobby and some people it seems, take their love for hobbies into the full blown obsession arena.

Such is the case with 67-year-old India native, Guinness Rishi.  Incase you can’t tell by his first name (I’m guessing that he’s not only legally changed his name to Guinness, but also that it wasn’t done in honor of the tasty, tasty Irish ale), Guinness likes to set world records.  Among these world records are his sugar cube stacking achievement, his ketchup drinking and his adopting of a 61-year-old man (his brother-in-law).

Times change however, and upping the ante always seems to be part of the game whenever record breaking is concerned.  Rishi’s latest strike at glory?  The plan apparently, is to tattoo 220 of the world’s flags in one inch tattoos all over his body.  He’s already commenced this quest with six flag tattoos, on his forehead.  Naturally.  Those flags are: India, The United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Cyprus and the Indian Congress Party.  While Rishi asserts that he is an extraordinary person, the cost of getting the tattoos done is estimated to be in the neighbourhood of $21,000 US.

After looking at the work that Rishi has had done thus far, several thoughts immediately spring to mind, the most glaringly obvious of which being that he’d better seek out a much, much, better tattoo artist than the one he is currently using, because his current tattoos suck.  Sad but true.  Some serious detail is going to be needed on some of the flags he is planning to adorn himself with and unless he’s planning on hiring one of the best tattoo artists in the world for this task, the end results are not going to be pretty, to say the least.

Check out the article on Guinness Rishi here, as well as a small list of some of the tattoos that are going to be incredibly detailed and pretty much impossible to design in the space of one inch.  Missing from this list are others such as Guatemala, Tibet, Mexico and Peru, to name but a few more.

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