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Art that adorns the flesh… Was Next to Use my Body Billboard

August 8th, 2009 by

After getting, and tattooed on me, it would be a few months before I would auction off my body again. I was working at a local pizza restaurant delivering pizzas. Not a bad job but let’s be real here this is not where I saw myself working when I was a kid, dreaming about my future. It is what it is I guess. I was also getting ready to fly to Arizona to the Mayo Clinic to undergo tests to donate part of my liver to a friend. At the time my friends and family called me 7 pounds for my willingness to help others by donating my organs and blood. They said that donating a kidney, and 20 gallons of blood was enough, and that donating a liver was too much. Thankfully my friend received a cadaver liver and is doing well now.

It would around a month after hearing the good news about my friend that I decided to be a male prostitute again. That sounds so wrong doesn’t it? I should make it clear I am not actually a male prostitute I just say that because it sounds funny. Ok back to my adventure. I put the auction on EBay for my left calf muscle. The winning bidder would get to tattoo advertise on my calf muscle for life with any design they would choose. The winning bidder was, a website for buyers and sellers of advertising. 

The owners of are awesome and even put me on the website so people can advertise on me through them. I got tattooed on me, and am proudly advertising for them.

So far during my tattoo adventures I have had fun, made a little money, but there is one thing that I have not been able to do. That one thing is get media coverage, to raise awareness for the need of people to sign up to become organ donors when they pass away, and for people to donate blood. Hopefully that will change during my adventures in tattoo advertising. You can checkout my tattoo advertisement photos at


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