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February 6th, 2009 by

Last week I did a blog on one of the more exotic places to get tattooed, having the tongue tattooed. As I stated before many of we tattoo enthusiasts will go to extremes to find another, unusual place to get a tat. All of this leads to my next discussion on the subject of eyeball tattooing.

For many of us who wished to change the look of our eyes to something less than the ordinary, special contact lenses were the options of choice. It would seem that such is not the case now.

Eyeball tattooing, contrary to popular thought, has been around for quite some time. The only difference is an ophthalmologist performed the procedure and it was used to correct cosmetic defects in the eyes of the blind. Since the subject was already blind there probably wasn’t much more damage that could be done.

Tattooing the eyeball consists of injecting the dye into the white of the eye to create a spot, or in the case of the first person to have this done, Toronto resident Pauly Unstoppable, having the entire white of the eye dyed. An electric blue dye was used in Pauly’s case.

Now before anyone gets all hot and bothered to have this done as well, even Pauly has cautioned that this is a dangerous procedure. I, for one, would not consider having it done because after having a cataract in my left eye reducing my vision, I’m not about to risk what’s left of my sight on fashion.

I know. Life in and of it’s self is a risk, and I’m the last person who is going to cry foul if someone wants to take those risks. But I would be remiss if I didn’t give you the knowledge that eyeball tattooing is going to put your eyesight at risk, or to quote Pink Floyd: “One slip and down the hole you fall.”

If I may be permitted to lift a quote from Body Modification Ezine:

“This procedure, however, is highly experimental and comes with documented risks as well as theoretical risks that even the artist can’t totally prepare you for. Please realize that you could have serious complications- up to and including loss of vision- from getting your eyeball tattooed.”

As far as I know, at the moment the only artist who is performing this procedure, besides a licensed ophthalmologist, is Howie from LunaCobra. He has been seen a couple of times on the History Channel demonstrating. So, if you are dead set on having an eyeball tattoo done, I would suggest either finding an extremely cool ophthalmologist, or Howie himself. This is one time you certainly do not want a scratcher fooling around.

And please be aware of what you are risking. If you’re not ready to pay the piper, don’t call the tune. For myself, I’ll stick to special effect contact lenses.

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