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TatouĂ© (That’s French)

Wednesday October 29th, 2014 in News, Products, Tattoo Artists, Video, Workforce | No Comments »

Face Off

Monday October 27th, 2014 in Products, Stories, Tattoo Removal, Video | No Comments »

Teeth Tattoos Y’all

Wednesday July 30th, 2014 in Dislike, News, Products | No Comments »

A Sound Controller That Uses Tattoo As A Music Score

Saturday March 29th, 2014 in Inspired, Products, Uncategorized, Video | No Comments »

Just Don’t Colour Outside The Lines

Tuesday February 25th, 2014 in Flash, Japanese, Products, Tattoo Artists | No Comments »

New Toys New Generation

Tuesday October 18th, 2011 in Inspired, News, Products | No Comments »

Old But New

Thursday September 29th, 2011 in Inspired, News, Products, Stories, Tattoo Artists, Workforce | 1 Comment »


Friday September 23rd, 2011 in Dislike, News, Products, Stories, Video | No Comments »

The Future!

Thursday September 8th, 2011 in Celebrity, Inspired, News, Products, Stories, Video | No Comments »

In the Biz

Tuesday August 30th, 2011 in Products, Stories, Tattoo Artists, Tips, Workforce | No Comments »