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Erin Go Bragh.

June 28th, 2009 by

Erin LucasIt never ceases to amaze me how after thousands of years and tons ink on everyone from ice age humans, carnival performers, royalty, and celebrities, a single tattoo can still generate more than a bit of buzz. Not to mention publicity.

Not long ago Erin Lucas, star of MTV’s The City, announced on her Twitter page that she had decided to get a tattoo. This caused a bit of a bit of speculation as to what she would choose. Thought on the matter ranged from an a-typical butterfly tramp stamp, to the newest craze in celebrity tattooing of having a poignant phrase, or motto. So, in keeping with her nonconformist image Erin opted to honor her famous father, Cliff Williams’ legendary metal band AC/DC, with their stylized lightning bolt on her right ribcage.

What impresses me the most about this particular celebrity tattoo is not the fact that another celebrity has chosen to get inked, that has become almost standard practice these days. No, what makes me stand up and take notice is her choice of placement. From years of experience as a tattoo artist I can say one thing for certain. The ribcage is one of the most sensitive places to have any body art placed. Even though women are tougher when it comes to tattooing, that is a very hard core place to get a tattoo, especially a first timer.

Way to go, Erin!

Naturally, the new tattoo caused a bit of a stir on the web after she showed up at the Gen Art benefit party in New York Wednesday night, with quite a few supposed web blogs doing the same lame “Do you like it, or not” polls. Seriously, what does it matter if the public likes the tattoo, or not? She got it because she likes it, and since she has the ‘balls’ to get her first tattoo in a decidedly hardcore area, I’m pretty sure Erin is not all that worried about whether some lame geek, who probably isn’t even a fan, dislikes her tattoo.

Personally, I think it looks good, and it is definitely  a personal statement. Which, of course, is what tattooing is all about. Individuality, and a personal statement.

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