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Tattoo Hunter cancelled.

June 23rd, 2009 by

“The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Woman” For those of us who have been following, the last five episodes of Lars Krutak’s Tattoo Hunter are due to be aired on The Discovery Channel. Yes you heard right, June 27 starts the finish of quite possibly one of the most informative and interesting shows about tattooing ever produced.

To add insult to injury the last five shows are scheduled to be aired at the prime slot of 2:00 AM. I don’t know about you all, but if I am up at two in the morning I am usually partying, not watching television.

The tattoo anthropologist, and author of “The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Woman” will kick off the final episodes with the Brazil episode, then continues with Ethiopia, Benin, and India. This isn’t a weekly thing anymore either, Gang. The Brazil episode airs Saturday the 27th, and is followed by the Ethiopia episode on the 30th. So, if you’re a fan you might want to set your DVR’s to catch the last of a good thing, or figure out how to program that cassette video recorder.

The coolest thing about Lars is he was hands on with his series, getting tattoos done in some of the oldest school there is on this planet. From traditional Hawaiian, to traditional Japanese. Here was one anthropologist who put his skin where his mouth was. So to speak, and I’m sorry to see this short-lived series end.

Well, I can at least look forward to re-runs, if Discovery has the good sense to air them, that is.

Lars….I’m gonna miss ya, Dude.

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