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Deluded Russian Girl Gets Awful Tattoo

July 20th, 2009 by

Eighteen-year-old Irina Savina comes from a city in Russia called Yekaterinburg.  Irina is also a huge Britney Spears fan.  According to Savina:

“I’ve been listening to Britney Spears since primary school. She’s the soundtrack of my life.”

Naturally then, when Britney Spears announced that she was going to be performing two concerts this summer in Russian cities St. Petersburg and Moscow, Savina had to be in attendance. She bought her ticket and plans to get as close as possible to the stage.

No problems there, right?  Anyone who has ever loved a particular musician or performer before has felt the same way as Irina Savina when it comes to seeing them live.  But Irina decided to take things a step further.

After begging her mother and father for two days for the money to have a Britney Spears tattoo done on her breasts, her father finally gave in and supplied her with the green. (Is money green in, Russia?  Whatever.)  So Irina went out and got what looks to me like what could possibly be the worst Britney Spears tattoo ever inked on to human flesh.

I’m not trying to be mean, but number one, it doesn’t even look like Britney Spears.  Number two, beneath the tattoo is Britney’s name scrawled in what looks like a mixture of blood and lipstick.  It’s just that bad.  I actually feel sorry for young Irina because she’s now sporting a terrible tattoo that she will grow up to be ashamed of, and even if she doesn’t grow up to be ashamed of it, she should.  As I said before, it’s just that bad.

More than any of that, however, is the biggest reason for feeling sympathetic toward Irina: as mentioned, she wants to get close enough to the stage during the concert.  She then hopes that…

“Perhaps she [Britney Spears] will like my tattoo so much she’ll want to talk to me.”

Oh damn, girl.  Oh.  Damn…

Let this be a lesson kids: love the music, but stay away from getting bad tattoos on your genitals of your musical icons in hopes that said musical icons will somehow see your bad tattoo work and think that you’re awesome for having it done.  They won’t.

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