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Illinois finally gets their shit together.

July 14th, 2009 by

It is often said that the wheels of justice turn slowly, but it would seem that enforcement is just as slow. Case in point, the tattoo laws in Illinois. Although the state has had a tattoo law that was passed by the General Assembly in 2006, tattoo studios are just now gearing up for that law to be enforced now. For the first time!!
Bowman Health Center
The Illinois Department of Public Health states that local health departments now have the framework in place to enforce the tattoo law passed by the General Assembly in 2006, and that officials will begin inspecting tattoo parlors and body piercing establishments in August.

Excuse me? The law has been in effect for three years and their only now getting around to enforcing it? In yet another month? You would think that the studios would have had enough time to “come up to code” by now. Wouldn’t you?

In a perfect world all tattoo artists would be caring of their clients, and completely health conscious, considering that our “canvas” is a living body. Unfortunately, as we have shown here at Tattoo Blog from time to time, that simply is not the case. There are bad apples in any profession and letting a law as important to public health as tattoo laws are go for three years is unconscionable.

Oh, well. Better late than never, I guess.

As of now Tattoo studios will be inspected yearly to ensure sanitary conditions at tattoo and piercing establishments, and that workers have been properly trained, or trained at all. Health department spokeswomen Kelly Jakubek says 212 facilities have already registered with the state.

About bloody time, if you ask me. Sheeesh!

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