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Tattoo more Offensive than Crime?

July 8th, 2009 by

It was reported in the United Kingdom that the abusive, and pedophilic, step father of Baby P, who is serving a life sentence for not only raping a two year old, but allowing or causing the death of Baby P, has received a number of death threats from fellow inmates. This has caused the prison chiefs to move him for his safety.

Now, what is getting my goat about this is that he has had to be moved not because he killed a toddler, nor because he raped a two year old. He had to be moved because of a tattoo! What the Fuck?!

Maybe it’s just me, but things like this make me think that human intelligence is quickly becoming an oxymoron. There was a time when a slime ball like that would have to be put in protective custody right from the start. Mostly because even the worst inmate would have happily tore the sick bastard apart on sight. Not this time it seems.

So what has the other inmates so up in arms that they would kill him over a tattoo instead of a crime so hideous the bastard deserves to be left in the general population? What tattoo could possibly be more sickening than the fucker’s crime?

A tattoo that pays tribute to Combat 18 – said to be the “armed wing” of the racist Blood & Honor group. That’s right, a racist tattoo.
Now I’m not saying that Nazi, Aryan tattoos, or any type of racist markings are in any way a good thing. But, come on!!! A tattooed piece of racist propaganda is a worse offence than child murder and rape??!! Since when? A silly idea that’s made into a tattoo which shows someone’s complete ignorance is giving more offence than an actual crime of the lowest kind any human being, (and I use that term very loosely), can sink to.

Where the Hell has our value system gone?

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