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Wedding Blues

July 7th, 2009 by

Debbi Franchi is the founder of New Jersey based E-commerce company, I Do Tattoo.  As far as temporary tattoos go, I think that Franchi just may have hit something big.

By combining tattoo and a line from the old superstitious bride-to-be rule of having something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue on their possession while getting married, two highly profitable worlds come together.

The idea as it were, is what this article calls a “custom designed by a specialty artist”, blue temporary tattoo.  A quick trip to the company’s website however, reveals that by “custom designed”, they actually mean that everyone chooses from the same 8, cheesy looking, blue tattoos.  (Samples of which, incidentally, can be seen to the right and left.)  

Personally I think that it would be way cooler if I Do Tattoo actually did do custom designs for the brides.  Come on, I Do Tattoo, would you just think of all the lovely brides on their special day? 

I can however, foresee this being popular.  I mean, being a bride isn’t exactly my area of expertise, but I do know that they (brides) like to look nice on their wedding day and apparently they have to have something blue as well, so, you know, they can kind of kill two birds with one stone here.

Still, I can’t help but think how much popular these would be if they were marketed by a real tattoo artist, who could custom design exactly what was requested by the ladies…

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