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Marked TV Created by Mario Barth on the History Channel

August 11th, 2009 by

So it’s official Marked TV has been picked up by the History Channel and debuts August 27 at 9:00 PM eastern. Mario Barth and Billy Burke have reunited for this show after collaborating on “Under the Skin.”

Rumor has it that the crew from Low Rider Tattoos will be featured in one of the episodes based on the quote below from there blog. “ is proud to announce the upcoming feature on the History channel featuring some of the best chicano tattoo artist in the world. Artist like Mark Mahoney,Jack Rudy,Freddy Negrete and Jose Lopez will be featured in the show so stay tunned for more details on this historic event.”

“MARKED,” a six episode series, will explore the world of tattoos belonging to the intense modern day tribes that operate at the edges of society, including 1% motorcycle clubs, hardcore prisons, urban gangs and street culture. “MARKED” will go inside the minds of members as they explain what the mysterious symbols decorating their bodies mean in their world and mean to them personally. Initiation rites and the fierce pride of belonging to an outlaw family are all part of the territory. Tattoo artist, members and cultural experts will explain the technique and history behind the ink and the group it adorns, putting the personal experiences of the show’s main characters into perspective.

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