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Father, Not Daughter, Knows Best

September 8th, 2009 by

Every now and then, a tattooed celebrity will come forward and bemoan the fact that they ever decided to get tattooed in the first place.  It happened with singer and actress Brandy and most recently, singer and on again off again TV personality Kelly Osbourne has stepped up to tell anyone who cares that she hates her tattoos.

“Don”t get tattoos, please, because you hate them when you get older. I hate them.”

Osbourne went on to explain that many of her tattoos were decided on while she was drunk.  Now that she has gone through rehab several times, she is living the life of a sober person and can admit that her tattoo decisions were not the most well thought out plans.

Kelly Osbourne had a drinking problem and made bad decisions with regards to tattoos?  Hard to believe that Ozzy Osbourne’s daughter could turn out so troubled.  Kelly even trashed the keyboard tattoo on her forearm, which I personally quite like.  Again, she blamed it on the drink.

Perhaps Kelly has people’s best interest at heart when she tells absolutely everyone not to get tattoos.  No offense to Kelly, but the only life lesson that anyone should consider taking from her is to not let yourself get all messed up with the booze.  Anything beyond that kind of reeks of hypocrisy and condescension.  Not every person is going to have the same experiences as Kelly had and just because she got all messed up for a few years and got some tattoos that she now regrets is not the fault of tattoos.  It’s her fault.  Coming out and telling people not to get tattooed because they’ll hate it later on is tantamount to her coming out and telling everyone never to have a drink because they’ll turn into raging alcoholics.  Some people actually think their decisions out logically and rationally and one person’s experience isn’t always the same as another’s.

I for one have probably had my tattoos for just as long as Kelly Osbourne has had hers and I don’t regret them in the least.  I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.  So thanks for the advice Kelly, but I think everyone’s doing just fine without it.  Maybe you should have taken your old man’s advice on this a while back…


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