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September 6th, 2009 by

While following our own Billy the Billboard’s adventures in ink, which I find very interesting by the way, as well as thinking about the recent posts that Mike, (Mjones), made about literary tattoos. I got to thinking. Long story short, Ol’ Doc got off his ass and drug out the research tools. Just to see what else may be out there in the world of literary and advertising tattoo work.
Front page
Imagine my surprise when I found a tattoo that combined both elements in one neat little package.

Granted, there are dozens of Tattoo magazines out there. Skin and Ink, Savage, Tattoo Flash, Skin Art, and so on. The list of magazines grows almost daily and so does the competition for the tattoo communities dollars. Well, the ones we aren’t hording for our next tattoo, that is.

So what’s a publisher to do if; one, you are a new magazine vying for a spot in the public’s eye? Two, if you only have a couple of issues under your belt?

If you happen to be Swedish tattoo magazine, Tare Lugnt, you have your third issue tattooed on some kind hearted soul’s leg, then put it up on your website for all to read. That, of course assumes you can read Swedish.

Now, it’s unclear at the moment whether the man with the ultimate collectors issue was paid for this service, (it is, after all, a budding magazine), or even who the proud owner of the third issue is. Though there has been some speculation that the leg in question belongs to Blogger/Artist Marc Stromberg.

What is clear is that this has to be the ultimate marriage of literary tattoo, advertising, and one hell of a publicity stunt. I mean, what better way to promote a tattoo magazine than to make an entire issue a tattoo? Not a very long issue, granted, but a definite statement.

About the only thing I could think of that could possibly top this would be for one of the corporate giants to pay Billy the same amount they spend for a Superbowl spot. Which I, for one, would like to see happen. They could put him in all sorts of magazine advertisements, or a couple of TV spots. How cool would that be?

Peace out, Gang! 😉

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