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Pink October

October 7th, 2009 by

In case you didn’t know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  As a way to help out a great cause, the good hearted people at Portland Oregon’s 205 Tattoo are offering pink ribbon tattoos for $20 a piece.  The deal lasts throughout the month of October, with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

We actually had some older women who have had breast cancer and they feel it’s a very good tattoo — a great way to symbolize it and put it on their body and show that they’re a survivor,” said Tammy Pisha, who works at 205 Tattoo.  MORE>>>

Not surprisingly, the pink ribbon tattoo community is quite a large one.   Sites like this one are only a taste of the people out there who have this tattoo in memory of someone or as a reminder of their own bravery and perseverance.

If you live in Portland and are interested in getting the twenty dollar pink ribbon tattoo, I can tell you that for some strange reason, 205 Tattoo does not have a website.  (As near as I can tell, that is.)  But, I can also tell you that the 205 Tattoo studio is located at 9226 SE Division Street, 503.772.4205.  So, you know, there you go…

Get a pink ribbon tattoo, support an excellent cause, feel good about yourself, feel good about others and of course, have a new and important tattoo!

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