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Art that adorns the flesh… Tattooed On My Cheek

November 2nd, 2009 by


When I first started doing tattoo advertising I understood that most people would think I was crazy. One think that never crossed my mind was that I would be judged differently by the police as well. Last week I was walking to the library with my laptop. My car is in the shop right now so I am currently walking everywhere until it is fixed. I had just left my home and a cop car drove by me. The cop parked a few hundred feet in front of me, a few seconds later a couple other police cars parked. Two of the cops walk over to me and one of them says the reason I came over is your wearing shorts and you have a tattoo on your face and that’s pretty unusual. He then asked if he could ask me a few questions. I said sure, he asked why I had a laptop bag I said because I was walking to the library so I could go onto the Internet. He then asked to look inside my laptop bag and and asked exactly what was inside. I told him just my laptop and a camera. He then started searching through my bag. He then asked for my ID or licence. I handed it to him and he called my name in to see if I was wanted for anything. He then asked for my phone number and my address. They eventually let me continue to walk to the library. It was obvious to me that they assumed I must have stolen that computer. They must have thought to themselves he is wearing shorts, has a tattoo on his face therefore he must have stolen that computer.

I now have another website tattooed on my body billboard. The newest website to advertise on me is I am happy to be advertising for this website as I go to the website quite often. The owners of this website are great people as well as being husband and wife they are also the stars of their website as well. They choose my left cheek to advertise on. As you can see from the photo their logo is very noticeable and really stands out well.


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