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What’s Under That New Tat?

December 22nd, 2009 by

Prisoner tattooSay, for the sake of argument, that you are engaged in a criminal enterprise, and you have those identifying marks known as tattoos. Either because you like them, or they were the ,(shudder), result of spending a little time in the Big House. Or, as it is better known, Criminal College. Believe me I know more than one person who wasn’t a real criminal when they went in…but they sure as Hell were when they got out!

Anyhoo, let’s say you have screwed up again. Perhaps it was because you felt you had no other option, or maybe your just one of the hard headed suckers who just can’t seem to learn from their mistakes, but now you have to get that tattoo covered up so the cops can’t pin the crime to you, or track you down because of it.

Sorry Charlie, but it ain’t gonna work this time.

A revolutionary new forensic technique developed by scientists at the University of Derby are using a familiar piece of technology to see through criminals’ cover-up work. Infrared light. That’s right. They have now developed a technique that will allow them to see the tattoo you thought safely hid beneath that bitch’n new tribal.

By using an infra-red digital camera, researchers are able to separate the original tattoo from its updated version, and as the old saying goes, “You are busted!”

In experiments the technique found that on a student’s back, a butterfly image had covered up an image of an imp in the original tattoo, and that other tattoos which had been updated, or changed were clearly visible once the technique had been used.

David Bryson, senior lecturer in applied photography and forensic science at the university, said:

“Identifying individuals using tattoos has been an established part of forensic science practice for some time, but there can be cover-ups of tattoos with lasers, more tattoos or surgery.”

“It is now possible to take a control photograph and a separate photograph with an infra-red filter to take images of the tattoo, and determine if it is indeed the original or is a cover-up, or altered tattoo on the surface.”

Oh, did I forget to mention that having the tat lasered off won’t help either? Well, now you know. Tattoo artists have said it many times. A tattoo is for life, whether it can be seen with the naked eye, or not. You can bet your bottom dollar that law enforcement is adding those cameras to their budgets even as I type this.

I guess this proves another old 70’s saying. When it comes to tattoos and breaking the law.

“Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.”

Hey. I liked “Berretta”! LOL! Peace out, Gang. 😉

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