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PornHub On My Face For Life!

February 22nd, 2010 by


Billy getting PornHub on face

My adventures in tattoo advertising continue with This is a really great adult website. They are advertising on my right cheek, Just below my tattoo ad. I now have 9 tattoo ads on my head so far! I am looking for new websites to advertise on me. I think it would be cool to advertise for I can see it now right on me face, or on my nose or somewhere else.

One of the tattoo ads I did a few months ago has really paid off well for me. I did a tattoo ad for Liberty Tax service. In the deal I advertise for them on my neck and in return I get my taxes done for free for life! I went in and they did my taxes for 2008 and for 2009. If I did not get free taxes my total for doing my taxes would have been $1,400 dollars.

I am now in search of more websites to advertise on my. In the next week I will continue to email websites and companies in the hopes of adding additional advertisements to my body billboard. I made front cover of Bizzare magazine so I am pretty excited about that. They did a feature on me thats in the latest issue. Stay tuned as I become the ultimate human billboard!

8 Responses

  1. Czacha Dymi

    Hi Billy,
    Is your dream to be human billboard? Man, I have to say, that you really weird person. I like tattoos, but I wouldn’t make a porn site banner with my face, and especially with my cheek.

    Neck, back, forearms that’s allright, but not face.

    Despite this extremely insane idea with this ad, I have to say, that you have a nice blog.

    Sorry for any language mistakes, if they’re happened. My English is rather “weak”.

    Greetings for Poland. Take care.

  2. ...

    wow. You fail.

  3. bobbi

    wow I don’t think it should cost $1400 to get two years of taxes done! That should be more like $100-$200 at most! And I don’t think the savings are worth it for that one

  4. tattoo web

    I am not sure it suits everyone. maybe if it is part of an ancient culture to have face tattoo, then it’s ok. it’s part of your community and your culture. but I wish you all the best with your project.

  5. Smitty

    how does one go about finding companys that will pay you for advertising on ur body

  6. Austin

    I think it’s awesome what you are doing bro!
    I must say id love to be paid to get tats.

  7. tsuchan

    Very cool Billy… keep making videos and getting mass promotion. The more publicity you get, the more revenue you’ll get from your future tattoos.

  8. Gabriola

    i notice some red on your eye , do you have your eyeball tattooed or is that a contact lense ?

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