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Golden Tattoos

March 11th, 2010 by

Today I sat down to eat my lunch and turned on the TV.  I’m not much of a TV guy, though (it’s pretty much all crap), but when I saw that The Golden Girls was on, well, hell, I’m not made of stone.  So I started watching the Golden Girls and as I was watching it I started thinking Hey, this isn’t half bad.  There’s still some good jokes on this show.  After it was over, I kept thinking about those zany Golden Girls and I decided that a lot of people liked that show and continue to like that show and that a lot of people probably don’t like to admit that they like that show.  I bet even right now, there’s a couple of you in the closet Golden Girls fans out there reading this, nodding in agreement with my opinions.

Well, after I thought about the Golden Girls TV show, I started wondering if there are people out there who are so into the Golden Girls that they would get Golden Girls tattoos.  And you know what?  There are.  I don’t know why it surprised me so much to discover this, but some people are nuts about the Golden Girls.  This article in particular not only highlights some of the Golden Girls tattoos out there, but also provides a character by character analysis in order to help you better decide which Golden Girl best suits your personality.  If you’re a Golden Girl fan but afraid to admit it, maybe this is exactly the sort of inspiration you need to help you come out and say Yes!  I love those damned Golden Girls and I want to tattoo them on my body!

Then again, maybe you just prefer Alf.

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