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Meet Deano Cook!

April 19th, 2010 by

What can I say?  I’m a sucker for photo-realism.  Scenes of the earth and animals and the ocean in particular, are all some of the greatest genres of tattoos currently being done.  When you find one of the few tattoo artists who can do the photo realism style some justice, then remember who they are.  Write their names down, if you must, but remember all the same.  The exceptionally good ones are few and far between.

Fortunately, Deano Cook is one of the aforementioned “exceptionally good ones”.  His images of underwater and coral reef life are hypnotic, calm and expertly rendered.  If you love the ocean and want to show that love in a tattoo, Deano Cook is absolutely your man.  Of course, it certainly helps the situation that Cook is an outdoor enthusiast.  He fishes, scuba dives and works on his other passion in life, underwater photography.  Even Cook’s home has two salt water fish tanks, further proof of a man whose genuine passion for the beauty of the sea motivates the day to day work that he does.

I’ve only wanted to improve myself from day one of learning to tattoo. For me, the desire to learn never ends. I try to give people what they want, and people certainly want very different things, so I’ve learned to accommodate. When you broaden your horizons you can only improve. I’ve also found that when I learn in different mediums and forms of art, I can almost always apply these findings to my tattooing.

– Deano Cook (Prick Magazine)

Cook began tattooing in 1993 and by 1994, he had opened up his own tattoo studio called Psycho Tattoo, in Atlanta, Georgia.  Jump ahead 16 years and Psycho Tattoos has three different locations within Atlanta: the original in Marrieta (where Deano can be found), one in Sandy Springs, and one in Douglasville.

Deano, if I ever get to Atlanta, I’m coming to see you.  Take a look at Deano Cook’s portfolio here.  Do yourself a favour and look at it in full screen mode.

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