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Meet Nick Baxter!

April 26th, 2010 by

I don’t know why, but lately I’ve been coming across the work of so many good tattoo artists.  I mean good work, like so good that you just can’t stop looking at it, good.  Stuff that blows your mind and then forces you to keep looking at so that your mind will just continue to be blown over and over again.  Yeah…stuff like that.  Anyway, I quietly compile a list of these tattoo artists, tucking them away into my brain for the day when I either have millions of dollars and can afford to travel to see all of my favourite artists and get them to tattoo me, or when one of them is within shouting distance and I have some cash.  Either way.  Most recently finding his way on to my list of favourites is Nick Baxter.  Why?  Because Nick Baxter is fucking awesome.  I’m sorry.  I realize that the language is crass.  And I apologize.  But this guy…man, oh, man, Nick Baxter, you know what you’re doing.

Nick began tattooing in 2000, at the age of 19.  Though a native of New Haven, Connecticut, he moved to and set up camp in Austin, Texas in 2008.  He’s a painter, a photographer, an artist, a tattoo artist, a strict vegan, a straight-edge (meaning no booze or drugs).  And, he has a pretty dense background in art, making the Dean’s list Paier College of Art in Hamden, Connecticut.

“As an artist I want to create images that inspire people to appreciate the profound and often overlooked aspects of life and the world around us. ”

– Nick Baxter

The main thing about Nick Baxter is that if he can tattoo this well after barely a decade in the business, then the future of tattoo looks pretty bright.  Baxter’s work seems to be inspired by the organic and the natural and by a strong respect for humanity.  At present time he doesn’t work at any particular tattoo shop.  He’s just returned from Europe, where he did some convention work, drew and hung out with friends.  If you want to catch up with him, he’ll be at the upcoming Hell City Tattoo Fest on (May 21-23rd) in Columbus, Ohio.

If you’re really interested in getting tattooed by Nick but can’t make it to Columbus, you can check here on Nick’s website to see how to go about booking an appointment.  Good luck!

Check out Nick’s work!

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