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Engaged By Tattoo

May 27th, 2010 by

If you ask me, tattooing the name of your significant other on to your body gets too much flack.  Yeah, yeah, yeah…I’ve heard the grumbling about such a thing being taboo; that any relationship in which one person has the other’s tattooed on them is doomed to fail; about it being stupid to do something like this given the all too high divorce rate and likelihood of a breakup.  You know what I have to say about that?  Fuck it.

I mean, really, there’s no such thing as jinxing a relationship with a tattoo. Relationships fail because two people weren’t compatible and not because one person got the other person’s name tattooed on to them years earlier.  Sure it’s a risk, but everything in life is a risk and doesn’t it strike you as more than a little boring to only do the things in life that have zero risk attached to them?  It sure does to me.

That’s why as slightly cheesy as this story is, I like it.  See, Joe Wittenberg of San Diego, California decided to take a different approach to asking his girlfriend Rachel Streeter to marry him.  Wittenberg, who has been tattooing for nine years, tattooed the words “Rachel, will you marry me?” on to his lower leg, then knelt down on one knee and rolled up his pant leg, exposing the question to his girl.  Nice, right?  Hey, whatever your opinion of Wittenberg and his marriage proposal tattoo is, you have to give him full marks for originality.

Incidentally, the news article doesn’t say anything about the “- of course!” tattoo beneath the marriage proposal on Wittenberg’s leg, but I’m guessing that after she said yes and got her engagement ring, Streeter was also asked to ink her answer on to her fiance.

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