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Hell City Phoenix

August 31st, 2010 by

This past weekend was a big one in Phoenix, Arizona as the 2010 Hell City Tattoo Fest took place.  If you’re not familiar with the Hell City Tattoo Fest, then you most likely don’t pay much attention to tattoo conventions/festivals, because Hell City is one of the biggest ones currently going.  Music, tattoos, competitions, up and coming tattoo artists as well as current tattoo legends, vendors, seminars and judging by this photo, some dude in a red, white and blue spandex suit who can fold himself into strange yet intriguing positions.  And that’s only a fraction of everything that goes on at the Hell City Tattoo Fest.  It’s all pretty spectacular, alright.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t lucky enough to be in attendance at either the Columbus, Ohio Hell City Tattoo Fest or this past weekend’s Phoenix Tattoo Fest, but digging around on the internet and finding pictures, video and news about the entire event is kind of like being there, right?  Yeah…I know, it’s a very sad attempt on my part.  I plan to get there one day, but this just wasn’t my year.

At any rate, check out this article for a bit of a taste of the sort of tattoo competitions that went on during the Pheonix Hell City Fest.  There were some outstanding tattoos on display as well as some not so outstanding tattoos from the looks of things, which of course is to be expected any time something as massive as the Hell City Tattoo Fest kicks off.

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