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Meet Miss Arianna!

August 29th, 2010 by

Italy is a very beautiful country, so it makes sense that it would also be home to a tattoo artist who does very beautiful work.  Miss Arianna makes her home on Italy’s Adriatic Coast at Skinwear Tattoo in the city of Rimini.  For more than two years, Arianna went the traditional route of paying her dues and learning the ways of the tattooist through an apprenticeship.  To her, the apprenticeship is a vital part of a tattoo artist learning to find their way as a serious artist.

It’s this respect for tradition and understanding of its importance that underscores Miss Arianna’s tattoo work, yet at the same time the need to modernize and to move forward with her own twist on the classic American tattoo makes her work fresh and intriguing.

“The style I love to perform is my personal version of the traditional.  I like it because it’s similar to me: it’s direct, clear and solid.  It has a unique strength and balance.  I deeply admire big names such as Sailor Jerry, Bert Grimm, Percy Waters, etc, but I think it’s so limiting to use their flash and only employ the colours of that period.  I don’t like to reshape their flash and put my name on it, as though they were my drawings.  I respect those who do it, but I think that working out my own drawings is definitely more interesting, perceiving what my customer wants, and then perform it in my personal traditional style: solid line, tonnes of black, and full colours.”

– Miss Arianna, Skin Deep Magazine, September 2010

The importance of tattoo artists who want to move forward and yet at the same time maintain links and a strong respect for the past is undeniably important.  After all, trends come and go, but there is never a substitute for hard work and originality.  Miss Arianna proves that.

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