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The Nightcap Gallery

August 9th, 2010 by

It almost seems that as long as there has been art, there have been cafes where artists sit and read and exchange ideas with other artists.  Personally, when I’m writing, I like nothing more than a good cafe.  The right cafe with the right kind of atmosphere can completely alter the way that people create.

No doubt about it, Nicole and Perry Caskanette of Parkhill, Ontario, Canada were thinking about the way that people create when they opened the Nightcap Gallery.  The couple originally bought the building which – housed a hardware store – mainly for the three apartments above.  Wanting to create an art gallery in the main space, Nicole and Perry did just that.  Soon enough however, they decided that an art gallery wasn’t enough.

Next came the plan to open a cafe and wine bar inside the gallery itself.  The paintings (from local artists) still hang on the walls and are all for sale.  People can come in, order a coffee, choose between half a dozen pot pies and check out the art, or just relax.

But like I said, cafes seem to breed creativity and despite the cafe, wine bar and art gallery that make up the Nightcap Gallery, Nicole and Perry still weren’t finished yet: The Neon Crab is the brand new tattoo studio on the premises.

This is really interesting to me, this mixing of so many different things into something that is essentially one big art space – and wow, it sounds really cool.  I wish there was more stuff like this in my own community, or city, for that matter.

I wonder if they serve vegetarian pot pies…

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