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Meet Eva Huber!

September 20th, 2010 by

If you read Inked Magazine, then you might recognise Eva Huber from the May, 2010 issue in which she was featured as that month’s “Inked Girl”.  As you can see, it mostly involved Eva posing and showcasing her tattoos.  My own favourite part about this rather unconventional spread on a tattoo artist was what Eva had to say about the whole idea of being a woman who is tattooed and who plans on being even more tattooed in the near future.

‘“My tattoos represent that I am a confident person who is completely comfortable with wearing tattoos, doing tattoos, and not trying to look like this perfect Barbie of a woman,” she says. “I am me, and being me includes not giving a fuck about how people think a woman should look.”’

That sort of unapologetic confidence can go a long way for a tattoo artist in a competitive field of work.  Huber has only been tattooing for 7 years, but both her generous and restrained methods of using brilliant amounts of colour takes her work to levels that few other tattoo artist achieve after only 7 years of work.

Huber tattoos out of Horseshoes and Hand Grenades in Chicopee, Massachusetts, where’s she’s been settled since 2008.  Beyond her love of tattoos and of tattooing people, Huber also works more traditional artistic mediums by painting and drawing and in 2007 she had her first solo art exhibition in Buffalo, New York called “Kinetic”.  Looking at her pencil drawings and paintings further illustrates Huber’s ability to mix hard and soft aesthetics, colours and atmospheres to create work that catches the eye and looks just as accomplished off the skin as on.

One of my own personal favourite tattoos of Eva Huber’s is this one, which again mixes the hard and the soft in both colours and image.  If you’re interested in being tattooed by Eva, then now is the time to make a move as she’s currently accepting bookings for the end of September and October.

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