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A New Avenue of Money-making

January 6th, 2011 by

Any gamblers out there?  Well, I guess some people might argue that getting a tattoo is a gamble, but I don’t buy that.  In terms of real-life, James Bond-in-the-casino style gambling, count me out.  I suck at gambling and never win.  At any rate, the appeal is there for most people and I guess that it was only a matter of time before tattoos went on to yet another level of mainstream culture.  Tattoos and gambling?  A match made in heaven for some, no doubt.

What I’m talking about is a new online slots game called Hot Ink.  The game features the theme of a tattoo parlour, complete with tattoo designs and “popular” (which I’m guessing means flash), tattoo designs.  It’s actually the second tattoo-themed online slot machine to be released within the past year, the first having been designed by Noughty Crosses.

‘Hot Ink is based on the theme of a tattoo parlour, featuring symbols of popular tattoo designs. This game has a more retro feel than Noughty Crosses as the tattoos featured are reminiscent of the early 1950s Sailor Jerry designers. There are also pin up girls and tattoo artists featured on the reels.’

This blurb refers to tattoo-themed online slot machines potentially becoming a trend.  Apparently popular online slot machine themes come and go.  I guess I would know that if I were a gambler.  I’m not sure how interesting these online slot machines would actually be, with their faux Sailor Jerry look.  To be honest, I’m not really all that interested in online casinos using tattoo-themes.  I think it would be far cooler if actual tattoo artists designed slot machines for casino.  It would almost be worth the trip into a casino to see a row of machines designed by artists like Nick Baxter or Steph D or Fred Laverne, to name but a very few.

Come to think of it, can tattoo artist designed casinos be that far off?

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