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Dolly Would

January 11th, 2011 by

Typically I’m not the sort of person who really cares much about which celebrities are tattooed.  I always see articles in the news about this or that celebrity having recently been tattooed and it never arouses any interest in me.  I’m sure that I’m not alone in feeling this way.  Celebrities are always on display to the public, so learning that they’ve been tattooed never comes as any sort of surprise.

However, I do admit to being a little intrigued when a celebrity that I had never imagined to be tattooed actually is.  Just a little.  Recently, Roseanne Barr (remember her?) appeared on the CBS late night talk show, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.  Anyone who has ever watched the Late Late Show will know that aside from being borderline insane, Craig Ferguson also sports a few tattoos.  Three, to be exact.  While being interviewed on the show, Barr and Ferguson began discussing tattoos.  Ferguson has three and Barr has five.  No big surprises or much of interest there.  It wasn’t until Barr revealed that Dolly Parton – yes, Dolly Parton – is covered in tattoos, that things really got unexpected.

‘”You know who’s totally tattooed? I shouldn’t even tell this,” she said. Ferguson begged her to dish. Too late to back out now. “Dolly Parton… I’m not making it up!” Barr said. “She’s got, like, all these awesome tattoos all over her body — no black or no blue lines. All like pastel, gorgeous bows all over everything…”‘

Wow.  I mean, not that it’s so amazing that Dolly Parton has a bunch of tattoos, it’s just surprising, that’s all.  Most people wouldn’t even think that one of country music’s greatest icons is “totally tattooed”.  If it is true – I mean we are going by something that Roseanne Barr said, here – it just goes to show you that there is no “set personality type” that we can expect tattoos from.  Anyone, anywhere can be tattooed, from the punk rocker to the Queen of Nashville, anything is possible when it comes to tattoos.

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