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One of A Kind

March 16th, 2011 by

For some people, a tattoo is nothing more than some decently designed flash that they spotted on the wall of a tattoo shop and pointed to.  For others however, the idea of a tattoo goes a little deeper than that (no pun intended).  Having something truly unique or one of a kind has an immense appeal and why wouldn’t it?  Knowing that you have a piece of artwork on your body that will forever be yours and no one else’s is arguably as unique as your fingerprints or your outlook on life.

In keeping with that sense of uniqueness and originality, DC Shoes is launching the Burning Ink Art Show.  The show will take place from April 7th to 28th in New York City and from June 17th to July 7th in Berlin, Germany.  It will feature a large line up of artists who will create a selection of handmade drawings.  When the show reaches its finale in each of the selected cities, these handmade drawings will all be burned, gone from existence forever.  There is however, one way and only one way to save any of these drawings from the flames and that is to buy it and have it tattooed on to your flesh.

‘The concept is radical and never been seen before in these two cities: All the handmade drawings designed by selected artists will be burnt at the end of the show.  A very different concept to an ordinary art show, no one can go home with the art in their hands The only way for the drawings to survive the flame is to be bought and inked into the buyers’s skin, making each design a unique tattoo.’

I absolutely love this idea.  Great concept isn’t it?  Yeah, yeah, I know that you can go to a tattoo artist with a one of a kind drawing that you or your friend did and get it tattooed just as easily, but there’s something about the creation and subsequent destruction of art that makes the idea of saving a piece from the flames that much more attractive.  At any rate, if I was in either one of these cities during the Burning Ink Art Show’s run, I would definitely be attending.

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