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Paris, Je T’Aime

March 1st, 2011 by

I love Paris.  Sure, loving Paris is hardly a novel concept, but there’s certainly ample reasons as to why one would love it.  For starters and most obviously, it’s beautiful.  Any travel book, brochure or video will clue you in to that much.  Great food, culture, wine, history – it’s all there.  Paris has also always been known as a grand source of inspiration for the arts, in addition to being a city that’s always on the pulse of new and innovative methods for creating art.

That spirit continues on with the opening this past January of the superbly named Horror Picture Tea, located at the end of Paris’ rue St.-Honoré.  Wetting its beak in a variety of different art forms, a customer at Horror Picture Tea can indulge in herbal tea, fine French pastries and desserts, live music, an art gallery and last but certainly not least, an onsite tattoo studio.

‘“This is a first for Paris and maybe the world,” said Guillaume Sanchez, who dreamed up the venue.’

‘“I want to mix luxurious gastronomy and urban style,” he said. “To create an eclectic mash that’s different to anything else around, for the young and out of sync.”’

Though this sort of thing isn’t a first for the world, it is as Sanchez says, a first for Paris.  The fact that other tattoo/cafe/art gallery establishments have popped up around the world in various locations over the past few years highlights that where we get tattooed is changing almost as rapidly as how common it is to be tattooed.

Here’s to the future and to places like Horror Picture Tea!

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