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No More Marilyn

April 26th, 2011 by

I don’t think that I could ever be accused of being intrigued by what celebrities do.  By celebrities, I guess I mean actors and actresses.  For this reason, you’ve probably noticed that there isn’t a lot of information on Tattoo Blog about which celebrities got which tattoo last Wednesday and so on and so forth.  Don’t get me wrong, there has been the odd celebrity update on here, but in general, I tend to stay away from it.

Well not today!  Ooh boy!  How exciting!  Today I decided that news of Megan Fox’s tattoos should take precedence.  Why?  Well, I just found it kind of interesting that Fox, who has long been a very vocal supporter of tattoos, has begun laser treatments to have the Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed from the inside of her forearm.  Say it ain’t so, Megan…

The photos in this news piece show that Megan Fox is definitely losing her Marilyn tattoo, although her other tattoos are still intact.  Who knows why exactly she’s getting rid of Marilyn, but most likely it has something to do with Fox’s work for fashion icon Armani.  It probably also has a lot to do with the constant makeup that Fox must undergo when filming, in order to cover up the tattoo.  At present time, she hasn’t given any particular reason.

The biggest surprise in all this however, isn’t that Megan Fox is getting her Marilyn Monroe tattoo removed, no.  The biggest surprise is that both her acting career and marriage outlasted her tattoo.  Wow.  I guess tattoos aren’t always so permanent…

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