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Tattoo Marathon

April 18th, 2011 by

Get up to anything interesting this weekend?  Norwalk, Ohio residents Robin H.M. and Jeff Garton certainly did.  Surviving on a steady supply of bananas and orange juice, the two set a new Guinness World Record for the longest tattoo session.  How long is long?  Well, the tattoo started on Friday, April 15th at 9:05am at Norwalk’s 546 Tattoo Studio and it didn’t end until Sunday, April 17th at around 9:30am.  All told, the running time was 48 hours and 26 minutes.  That’s a long time to tattoo and that’s a long time to sit still for a tattoo.

The tattoo was a design by Robin H.M. and it was done on Garton’s thigh.  Though Guinness has not yet officially recognised the feat, Robin and Garton’s tattoo marathon beat the old Guinness record by 11 minutes.  Throughout the tattoo, Guinness records stipulated that neither participant could sleep, though they could take occasional 2 minute breaks.

In addition to breaking the Guinness record and gaining recognition for their achievement, the event had an entirely charitable purpose:

‘Robin, who has been a tattoo artist for the past 14 years originated the idea as a way to generate donations and raise awareness for the current and baffling cancer cluster in the nearby area of Clyde. A case that has affected scores of lives, including many children. “It just seems like there are more and more of them all the time, and something needs to be done.” says Robin who has been frustrated with the tragic medical mystery for years.  Meanwhile, Jeff Garton, says he was doing the event to raise awareness for a local rehab center in the Norwalk area.’

Nice work, guys!  Hope you’ve caught up on your missed sleep.

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