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Bring on the Awards

May 25th, 2011 by

I wasn’t aware that the UK has a general awards system for their tattooists.  Now that I am, I think it’s pretty cool.  It should be done more often around the world – and by “awards system”, I don’t mean the awards that tattooists win at tattoo conventions.  Don’t get me wrong, those type of awards are great, but I just like the idea that an entire country or group of countries can annually recognise the work of a handful of skilled tattooists.

The 2011 UK Tattoo Industry awards took place in conjunction with the Liverpool International Tattoo Convention and saw such awards as Best Tattoo Journalist, Best UK Male Artist, Best UK Female Artist and Best UK Tattoo Publication handed out.

‘We consider that Tattoo Artists and Tattoo Enthusiasts should decide which artists deserve an award in recognition of achievement in their field.

We consider that Journalists, Photographers, Publications and online resources do an invaluable job in promoting the industry, and the Tattoo scene in general, so it is only right that achievement in these areas should be acknowledged.

Also that Equipment suppliers that supply to only registered artists should be also be recognised for their contribution in preventing equipment getting into the wrong hands.

This year sees the addition of 4 new awards and we continue to do what we can to raise standards in the tattoo industry, give credit where it is due and let the tattoo artists and tattoo enthusiasts voices be heard.’

Tattoo artist Nigel Kurt from Fun House Tattoos took home the Best UK Male Artist award, while Emma Kierzek landed top honours with the Best UK Female Artist.  Best International Male Artist went to Kyle Cotterman and Best International Female Artist was awarded to Katerina Mikky Volkova.  When asked about his feelings on receiving the award for Best UK Male artist by the BBC, Nigel Kurt revealed that he was “chuffed” with the honour (that means he was very happy for those of you out there unfamiliar with the term).

Congrats to all the winners and an additional huge congrats to the organisers of the Liverpool International Tattoo Convention for getting something like this going!  Check out the complete list of winners and awards given away here.

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