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Meet Mo Malone!

May 16th, 2011 by

Austin, as anyone who loves tattoos most likely knows, is the place to be for your pick of premium tattooists.  If you’re looking to get a tattoo and you’re willing to travel if necessary, Austin is the place to go.  I know this, you know this and Mo Malone also knows this.  Back in 2010, Malone left her 7 year tattooing stint at Iron Age Tattoo in St. Louis and moved to Austin to work with the folks at Triple Crown Tattoo.

After looking through Mo’s online portfolio, it’s easy to rest assured that she fits in just fine amongst the high profile Austin tattoo scene.  She’s got talent – that much is obvious, as well as a real knack for colour and black and grey work.  Her portrait work alone is worth much praise.  Mo Malone is most certainly a tattoo artist to keep an eye on.  If I had to slightly nitpick however, it’s that Mo really needs to ditch her MySpace page and get set up with a personal site worthy of the tremendous work that she has to showcase to the world.

Go Mo!

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