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Meet Stewart Robson!

June 19th, 2011 by

Today, before I began looking through tattooist Stewart Robson’s portfolio, I was rather suprised and well – okay, I’ll admit it – a little skeptical when I saw that his tattoo work consisted of three different types of tattoo: western style, Japanese, and black and grey.  Western can be a mixture of a million different styles, no doubt, but Japanese alone is a tough one.  Countless artists spend their entire careers trying to master Japanese tattoo.  Black and grey is no walk in the park either.  A lot of tattooists do black and grey tattoos, but quality black and grey is really a sight to see.

Fortunately – and I’m not trying to kiss anyone’s ass here – Stewart Robson’s skill level shines in all three styles of tattoo that he does.  His western work features bold lines and beautiful colour, his Japanese work is alive with complexity and form and his black and grey downright pops off the flesh.  Not only that, but all three types of tattoos boast smooth, impressive composition.  Stewart Robson is three for three in more ways than one.

Tattooing since 2004 and professionally since 2006, Stewart can be found Friday to Tuesday at London, England’s Frith Street Tattoo.  If you live in England or the UK, I would suggest paying him a visit.  If you don’t live in London or the UK, I would suggest remembering his name if you don’t already know it and go see him when and if he comes anywhere near to where you are.


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