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Follow Up: Pinellas deputy’s hand tattoo pictures

July 19th, 2008 by

Follow up to this… So besides the neck tattoos the deputy also tattooed his knuckles and hands… basically it’s just a reminder that tattoos can affect your career, so choose wisely… Picture from the SunCoast News

From the news story “Simpson served his suspension June 9, 12, and 13. As part of his punishment he was told that until the tattoos are removed, he can’t be given any assignments where the public is involved; he cannot bid for any particular shifts; and he cannot wear a Pinellas sheriff’s uniform that can be viewed by the public, and that includes while he is commuting to and from work. Simpson violated a general policy that says deputies can’t engage in any conduct that is contrary to “good order and discipline.” In addition, there is a policy that says tattoos are supposed to be covered. So, if a deputy has a tattoo on his forearm, he is required to wear a long-sleeve shirt to cover it up, regardless of the weather.”

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