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Little Old Granny rips on the tattooed (inkers)

July 21st, 2008 by

Two posts appearing from the same woman on craigslist (it’s probably fake but it’s still funny)

Post 1: Dirty Tat
I’m walking through Macy’s and guess what I run into – two fithy Tat women. They have six kids! Sick inkers seem to only do drug and reproduce!! Dirty tat people are like cockroaches! I turned and walked out. I can’t believe Macy’s of all places would allow these dirty people in their store!

Post 2: Red Wings Suck (California)
I love the Red Wings and I was so happy to see them win the cup this year – I even went to the parade, but didn’t stay because, guess who was there…….that’s right, a bunch of those filthy ink pigs!! Sometimes I get emails from ink pigs who say I can’t judge them – guess what, sick ink fuck – it’s not just me. EVERYBODY judges you for your stupidity!!

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