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Olympic Tattoos are Health Risks in China

July 15th, 2008 by

Olympic Tattoo
Australian athletes who celebrate Olympic glory by getting a tattoo in Beijing risk bringing home more than a medal, infectious disease experts have warned. Hepatitis Australia notes that it has become a tradition for some athletes to get inked in the host country after the Games. But it warns the practice “seriously risks” the transmission of blood-borne diseases. “It’s only natural our athletes will want to remember their achievements by getting a tattoo of the iconic Olympic rings, but tattooing involves risks which many people don’t realise,” said the organisation’s chief executive, Helen Tyrrell…. The West Australian

The picture above was taken from here and says the following in the description “I got this tat because I made the Athens Olympics in 2004 as a US swimmer. It was my first, and most special. The writing below it is my nickname (RhiRun) in greek because it was in Greece. If I make it in Beijing in 2008, I will get my nickname in Chinese below it.”

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