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Tattoo News for July 10

July 10th, 2008 by

David Beckham Tattoos
Tattoos will come Back to haunt you
By Richard Carl Nielsen
Source: Loughborough Echo
Quote: “I fear though that five to 10 years down the line that (David)Beckham may have severe psychological problems. His heavily tattooed forearms may well hurt him mentally in the future. In my opinion it should be illegal for tattoo artists to mark up people’s forearms with garish tattoos.”

Getting a tattoo can pose health risks
By Rebecca Skovgaard
Source: Democrat and Chronicle
Summary: Health Risks to be careful about when getting Tattooed

Inking big in the world of tattooing
By Sarah Howden
Source: Scotsman
Summary: Tattoo Tv aids in making tattoos mainstream in Scotland

Chico Ink: Tattoo art creates lifelong memories
By Deeann Resk
Source: Chico Enterprise Record
Summary: Interview with Indian Joe, manager of Alley Tats in downtown Chico

Ink-credible skin: Get the Tattoo You Want
By Mary Paul
Source:Current Hudson County, New Jersey
Quote:”I would say that tribal isn’t what it was in the ’90s, but there are still people that really love the style,” says Paterson. “Nothing disappears. Nothing goes away to the point where it’s a nonexistent style … Tattooing doesn’t always just equal fashion … It’s not [like] clothing, where it’s unheard of to wear parachute pants now. People will get something even though it may have come about decades ago.” Tattoo artist Adam Paterson of Jersey City Tattoo Co.

Japanese water parks banning people with tattoos from entering premises
By Bryce S. Dubee
Source: Stars and Stripes
Quote: “As a general rule, people affiliated with mobsters or criminal organizations are not allowed to enter the premises,” Tokyo Summerland’s Web site states. “The same applies to people wearing tattoos.”

Life at the sharp end
By Leonie Cooper
Source: Guardian UK
Summary: Kat Von D Story

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