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Tattoo Potion: a lotion that makes $15 million a year

July 26th, 2008 by

The OC Business Journal had an article about the Orange County based company Tattoo Potion that sells there product to over 200 tattoo studios and tanning salons. The company only has 5 employees and sells their product for $10-20.
There product line includes

  • Tattoo Potion number 7: Introducing Tattoo Potion number 7, an everyday use lotion designed to enhance the look and longevity of your tattoo,
  • Tattoo Potion # 9 Aftercare:
    * All Natural. * Vitamins A, D, E. * Anti-oxidant properties. * Non-comedogenic. * Non-greasy. * Anti-irritand(hypoallergenic) * Water based * Medium viscosity. * Fragrance Free. * White color.

Between Tattoo Potion making $15 million and Paul Wall’s product the tattoo accessory industry is cashing in.

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