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Young People <3 Scratchers

July 11th, 2008 by

Tattoo Infection
In two unrelated news stories there are discussions about young people getting tattoos by kitchen scratchers (in the UK it’s a 1000 pound ($1500) fine).

Forfar youth fined for giving girls home-made tattoos
Man, 18, will have to pay £1,000 after he admitted using a needle and ink on four teenagers

Despite risks, young people choosing homemade tattoos
Local Montreal Scratcher quote “It emanates from that blood brother pack that everyone has … it’s that tribe mentality, We’ll do them from sunrise to sunset, when people have had a few drinks and it’s the weekend” Pobjoy said.”

Local Vancouver Tattoo Artist Chad Woodley quote “People maybe don’t understand cross contamination, they might not be careful and they might pass something on to a bud, many people who give homemade tattoos think sterilizing the tools with alcohol will do the trick. In fact, professional tattoo artists use autoclaves, which clean equipment using a combination of heat and steam.”

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