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Boston Tattoo Convention Sept 12-14, 2008

September 15th, 2008 by

Details:Over 60 tattoo artists,a Boston Baby Dolls performance, Lizardman “freak show”, tattoo contests. The Bostonist had some great coverage leading up to the convention from local artists working the convention.

Interview #1: Elize Casarjian of The Painted Bird Tattoo in Somerville
Notes: Elize apprenticed for Jason Zube, enjoys traditional american style tattooing, will do Conehead tattoos for FREE

Interview #2: Joe Boo of Lightwave Tattoo in Saugus, Massachusetts
Notes: Apprenticed for Bald Bill Henshaw at Yankee Tattoo in Burlington Vermont, enjoys doing big pieces, personal tattoo by Shahn Anderson from Electric Dragonland in Minnesota of a Japanese style giant Blue Whale

Interview #3: Jason Maybruck of Darkwave Tattoos in Roxbury
Notes: Mentor Joel Mejias, favorite tattoo done “giant broccoli”

Interview #4: Dan Henk
Notes: Enjoys realistic tattoos, Inspired by Guy Aitchison, Aaron Cain, Tom Renshaw, and Robert Hernandez

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