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One Tattoo and One Chlamydia Test, My Good Man

September 23rd, 2008 by of San Fran is trying out a new way to encourage getting tested for STDs: one-stop shopping. In cahoots with the local Department of Public Health, they’ve set up what they call a community satellite lab inside the Gotham Tattoo Parlor, where after pre-paying and filling out their paperwork online, patrons can get a throat swab test and be on their merry way.

While you might infer that they’re trying to imply something about the lifestyle choices of the pierced and the inked, it is certainly a welcome alternative to walking into your local Planned Parenthood, having to pick up a phone just to speak to the receptionist hiding behind probably bulletproof glass and then sitting in a waiting room for hours.

For more info on’s new program click here.


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