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Dating in the Digital Age for the Tattooed.

November 19th, 2008 by

TattooLovers.comDo you remember not so long ago when the act of dating involved putting on real clothes, going outside and meeting real live people? I do. Hell, I even remember when the only dating site around was which has a clever definition of the word free. On further investigation, this is an online dating specific site and they do charge a membership fee. You can register for free and “browse” to your hearts content, but if you plan to do anything on the site it will cost you a non-refundable $19.95 per month subscription fee.

The second site, is also an online dating only site. They’re a little more liberal with their member profiles though and dozens of people pop up on the main page. This site also gives you about 250 billion ways to search for members on their site but nothing about the price. One can discern from the well hidden FAQ that there is a free three day trial after which you will be billed a mystery amount. I tried to contact them but they declined to respond. So enter at your own risk.

The third site, is more of a social networking/date if you want to kind of site. They’re part of the passions network which includes as many as you could possibly imagine. This site is amazingly free. To test the theory I joined on and spent a week talking to the members. No one has tried to charge me yet. (All though I fear I’m paying in some sort of other spy ware sort of way.)  Everyone I talked to seems to like the site and were generally friendly. To me, it was more of a my space for tattooed people only.  They have chat rooms and forums discussing tattoos, and tons of member taken tattoo pictures to peruse.

Overall, it’s an interesting take on the online dating mega boom that’s happened the last few years. I figure if you’re into online dating you might as well be spending the $20 or so a month on a site guaranteed to at least deliver people with one common interest. What do you think? Join or no?

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