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Pascha tattoo = cheap sex in Germany

November 19th, 2008 by

The U.K. Telegraph is reporting that Pascha – a twelve-story German brothel that houses over 120 sex workers – recently put up posters offering lifelong free entry to the club as well as discounts on lap dances and the like, for anyone stupid enough willing to have the brothel’s name tattooed onto their arm in relatively huge, bright blue script.

The people at Pascha admittedly didn’t really expect to find people willing to get a huge, blue PASCHA tattoo in exchange for the waiving of the 5 Euro admission fee (they obviously didn’t hear of the genius who got the huge BlackBerry tattoo for a free BlackBerry Storm). I’m sure you’re not shocked to hear that already over forty men have committed to some Pascha ink and the brothel’s tattoo artist (?!) is working overtime to “keep up with the demand.”

Pascha, the largest and arguably the most famous brothel in Europe, has a reputation for hilarious and ridiculous advertising gimmicks. According to the telegraph’s article, the brothel made headlines in 2006 when, in an attempt to attract international clients during Germany’s World Cup, it hung a huge banner advertising itself and its services that contained all the flags of the competing nations – including those of Iran and Saudia Arabia. Naturally, Muslim groups were pissed.

Last year Pascha advertised an “afternoon special” for senior citizens so dear ol’ grampa could have a cheap lunch, a matinee and a hooker too.

Click here to read the Telegraph’s article

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