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Permanent Make-up

November 7th, 2008 by

Most women in the United States wear some form of cosmetic products mainly eyeliners, lipsticks, and brow liners. But what if you weren’t able to put on make-up because of poor eyesight or you felt you needed make-up on because of an abnormality, well cosmetic tattoos or permanent make-up may be your next thought. Permanent make-up is a form of tattooing which allows the person to never have to apply traditional cosmetic products.

There isn’t much history in the origin of this technique but what I have found is that a man by the name of George Burchett became somewhat infamous in the 1930’s by using permanent make-up on clients. This was done by injecting a vegetable dye under the skin.

In today’s society tattoos and body modifications are normal sightings, but the numbers are still on the raise. With so many advancements and better health risk management procedures going into place more and more people look to ink to express themselves. The FDA has even taken a stand on cosmetic tattoos, regulating the inks used, similar to the regulations set in place for the cosmetic industry.

As well as with any other form of tattoos, permanent make-up has it’s risks. Allergy reactions to the color pigments, abnormal scarring, infection, irritations, and serious deceases (if equipment isn’t sterile), are some of the common problems people have with tattooing.

If you are planning on having any form of permanent make-up done, you need to check with your state to see if a tattoo artist can apply it or if you need to seek out a cosmetologist. All states do not require the same.

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