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Tattoo Apprentices + Youtube = Jackass 2.0

November 23rd, 2008 by

Everybody gets bored at there job… and what better thing to do than to pick on the recently hired apprentices who clean the toilets of your shop… Cinnamon Challenge, Tasering, Getting Kicked in the Nuts, Shot with BB Guns, Girly Halloween Costumes on Dudes… (6 videos below)

Seran Wrapping Apprentice at Inspired By Ink

Cinnamon Challenge

Lucky Draw Tattoo Apprentice

Lucky 13 Stapler to the head for $20

Sistershorts Artwork Fairy Outfit While cleaning toilet

Kicked in the Balls at All or Nothing Tattoo

Ocho Placas Bag on the Head

Twilight’s Tazing of Piercer

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